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Welcome to the Thai jewelry capital!

Thailand is the birthplace of the most amazing Asian jewelry, and Phuket is the capital of the Thai jewelry kingdom. It is the Treasure Island for all those looking for premium-quality jewelry. Running a jewelry store is a respectable and much favoured local business, as jewelry manufacturing lies at the heart of the country’s economy.

The precious metals and gemstones mining industry is growing in Thailand, as in many other countries in South-Eastern Asia. Thai mines store thousands of natural semiprecious stones and gemstones, among which sapphire is the most frequent find. Rubies and sapphires are usually mined in the Kanchnaburi Province, while the majority of jewelry factories are located to the north of Bangkok.

Private workshops and large manufacturers go the extra mile to please their customers, creating new forms and designs, aiming to retain their popularity worldwide. For many years, foreign companies have been favouring Thai-made jewelry for import into Europe and Asia.

Thailand is world-famous for its high-quality pearls and a rich collection of gemstones from the local mines, which makes Thai jewelry stores yet another major tourist attraction. If you adore pearls and gemstones and love designer jewelry, Phuket jewelry stores are certainly a place to visit.

What’s best in Phuket?

Among the numerous jewelry shops in Phuket, Gems Gallery is definitely a worthy place to visit. Gems Gallery is a famous jewelry factory situated in the centre of the island. Here you can buy whatever your heart desires – great quality, great designs and great prices guaranteed. If you are curious to know more about making jewelry, you may watch a short video at the Gems Gallery retail store and learn about mining, gem-cutting and other aspects of the manufacturing process. You may also watch expert jewelry craftsmen cutting African diamonds, Columbian emeralds, Brazilian topazes, garnets, chrysolites, opals, jades, tourmalines, citrines and, of course, locally mined rubies and sapphires.

Another respectable jewelry retail store is Wang Talang – the second largest jewelry shop in Phuket, located in Chalong district. The store offers a smaller choice but equally delightful jewelry, and at lower prices.

While shopping, remember that no videos are allowed at jewelry factories and retail stores, as jewelry designs and techniques are protected by copyright laws. The magnificent designs and workmanship are what make Thai jewelry so valuable, so they are carefully protected.

Thailand is one of the world’s premium exporters of gemstones and jewelry. The country owns a multitude of mines, providing top-quality metals and stones for expert craftsmen. Local premium resellers – malls and jewelry stores – sell silver jewelry starting at 1,500 Baht and gold jewelry starting at 3,500 Baht.

Love for jewelry is rooted deep in each and every one of us. Jewels have always been great gifts, souvenirs and outstanding decorations of high quality and style. Almost every country has its own jewelry factories, all attempting to win the hearts of many. No matter how hard others may try, Thailand jewelry manufacturers remain on top of the customers’ lists for their premium-quality jewelry of amazing beauty and exquisite design. No wonder millions of tourists return to Thailand every year to renew their tan, holiday memories and jewelry collections. While perfect for those hunting for reasonably-priced high-quality jewelry, let’s not forget the country is also an outstanding resort. So enjoy its great buys and great holidays!

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