Shopping for Latex Mattresses and Pillows in Phuket

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Time to sleep on it!

Thailand is a country of endless rubber plantations, so it’s no wonder that Thai latex is a significant export. Thousands of tourists from all over the world enjoy shopping for latex goods – mattresses and pillows among them – during their Thai vacations.

Thai rubber trees are world famous for their hard water-resistant and high-quality timber, a favourite of many furniture manufactures. Latex, in its turn, has been named the 'white gold' of Thailand. Thai latex is a preferred choice for manufactures of surgical gloves, dropper bottles, catheters, condoms, pacifiers, footwear and décor. Since liquid latex was first vulcanised about 170 years ago, latex foam has long been a popular material for sleeping products, well-known for its antibacterial properties.

Latex products have a number of advantages over their competitors on the market for a good night’s sleep. Firstly, latex pillows and mattresses are more durable than classical down-filled products. Secondly, latex wins hearts of allergic children and adults, as this material is a natural antibiotic. Thirdly, latex products offer orthopedic aid for those suffering from persistent pain in their backs and necks. Fourthly, as if we need any more reasons, all latex products are non-toxic and 100% environment-friendly. Each latex mattress or pillow has special tiny vents for proper air circulation, making them safe, allergy-free and comfortable for people of all ages. You may choose the best position for your body, without disturbing your sleeping better half, and your new mattress will patiently assist you.

Latex manufacturing is a popular business in the southern part of the country. Phuket, in its turn, does not boast a single latex factory, although the island has got a number of depots and retail stores. Phuket is retail heaven for Thai-based companies, which deliver latex goods directly from factories into other regions of the country and abroad. These companies aim at establishing partnership relations internationally, so do not worry that you will be cheated – good relations are important to the companies, so you will be well looked after. If you want to play it safe, inspect the latex goods you buy: natural latex has a slimy surface with a greasy look to it, but it does not leave marks on any material if you try rubbing latex against it. Make sure your latex product does not absorb liquid. If it absorbs water, has a yellowish colour and a rigid feeling to it, the product has been made of artificial latex. However, the chance of finding artificial latex products in Thailand is very slim, because artificial latex in this country is much more expensive than natural material. It also makes no sense to import latex from other countries, as custom duties are unbelievably high. These protective measures clear the way for local manufactures, so every latex product you buy on Phuket is guaranteed to be 100% natural. Follow these tips to buying yourself a latex mattress or pillow and enjoy a good night’s (or day’s) sleep!


You may find choosing pretty tough…

…but latex rules, anyway! For years scientists have been defining the ABCs of sleep and have gone through artificial latex, buckwheat shells, cotton wool, down, holofiber and hop-fiber to memory foam, polyester, silicon, silk and wool – to find out that natural latex is an amazing alternative to all of the above. That is why we strongly recommend buying eco-friendly and durable natural latex products. Artificial latex, comfortable as it may seem, contains phenol or carbolic acid – a harmful substance to keep at home, later manifesting itself through persistent headaches and other maladies. Natural down or feathers also make a poor choice for a truly comfortable pillow. Sooner or later they become paradise for dust mites and hell for individuals with allergic reactions. Pillows stuffed with wool or cotton soon become rough to sleep on, as both materials tend to crumple. Buckwheat shells, in their turn, provide an annoying cracky orchestration for your sleep. Artificial latex pillows tend to harden with time. Memory foam pillows become useless after a single wash. The orthopedic benefits and durability of synthetic materials can hardly be compared to natural latex products: synthetics never live longer than 2-5 years, while natural latex is guaranteed to be your sleeping partner for 20 years. Natural latex wins the day – and night – with a better sleep than you ever dreamed of.

Thai manufactures produce latex products of all shapes and sizes. Make sure you get yourself a comfortable latex pillow that best suits your needs. Give your muscles a break every night by choosing a latex pillow with orthopedic effect. Try smaller or larger bolsters and pillows, and special pillows for kids and teenagers. Get your kids a fantastic mattress set with four pillows in gorgeous shapes of elephants or bunnies. If you are looking for a surprise gift for friends, get them some comfy latex bolsters, used for propping your back or head when reading or watching TV. You will find latex goods available in all sizes: from 1m x 1m sized mattresses for baby cots to king size mattresses for family beds. Natural latex mattresses are usually 2-6 inches high. Use the higher mattresses for your bed or on the floor, and use the thinner ones as perfect add-ons to a standard non-orthopedic mattress.

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