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All that glitters is not gold – it's silver

Welcome to SilveRado, a great retail store in Phuket, famous for its silver jewelry. Phuket is not just a tropical island covered with forests and coconut plantations; it is also a popular destination for those looking for jewelry at reasonable prices. We recommend visiting SilveRado retail store in Phuket to shop for traditional silver jewelry and unique masterpieces. SilveRado collections have dozens of pleasant surprises in store for both ladies and gentlemen, so you will not spend a day away from the beach in vain.

The SilveRado trademark is currently one of the world's top five silver jewelry brands, with its jewelry being exported into many countries. All jewelry is made from 925 silver and covered with 14-carat gold, which protects the silver from dark stains and prolongs its durability.

SilverRado prides itself on its amazing silver bracelets, famous for their special Pandora trademarked chain technique. Each bracelet is assembled by hand with great care, the jewelry makers stringing Murano glass beads and silver and gold plates on a thread, creating unique masterpieces based on theirs or your own design. You may opt for Swarovski crystals in your bracelet for an extravagant look. Whatever you choose, you will be delighted with the result, and your new one-of-a-kind bracelet will draw stares from friends and strangers.

Fascinating Murano glass beads make each bracelet truely special. Murano or Venetian glass originated in Venice, where its secret was protected for centuries. For extra security, Venetian glassmaking moved to Murano island. Great precautions were taken to keep each glassmaker who knew the secret in his home country, with security police searching and punishing those who managed to escape. Thai artisans gained the knowledge and were able to bring it back to Thailand to continue the tradition.

There are three basic techniques of creating incredible patterns on Murano glass beads. Agate technique combines multi-coloured glass layers resembling gemstones. Filigree technique is based on intertwining coloured threads. Aventurine technique is famous for planting tiny copper pieces on the surface of the glass. Each Murano glass product is hand-crafted and beautifully designed. Glassmakers give birth to each jewelry masterpiece by wrapping several glass layers around a special metal pin until they get the desired shape. Glass beads are later cooled and taken off their pins to be threaded on silver chains or rings. Glass making is a high-demand, time-consuming job, but the results are always gratifying.

SilveRado for all

Some were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, others were not, but hey, everybody is welcome to buy their silverware at SilveRado! Each member of your family will enjoy the time spent in the SilveRado store in Phuket. Your little ones will love cute animals and flowers made of silver that can be assembled into a bracelet that will make all the other kids go green with envy. Gentlemen will enjoy choosing silver favourites among the masterpieces of the SilveRado men’s collection. It is no wonder men prefer silver jewelry, as it has a special masculine look to it. Buy your favourite pieces to wear as a great memory of your Phuket vacations.

Finally, we would like to give you a few tips on how to take care of your SilveRado buys. With a two-year guarantee from SilveRado and just a little care, you will enjoy the stunning beauty of your jewelry for years. Make sure you store your jewelry away from chemical substances, high temperatures and damp locations. Wipe your silver jewelry with a specially designed microfibre cloth and keep silver away from other jewelry items. If you follow these simple rules, your Thai jewelry will delight your eyes for decades.

SilveRado jewelry is sold at most reasonable prices, so you do not have to splash out to get everything you want. Take your time to browse through the collections, treat yourself to your favourites, then surprise your friends and family members with delightful birthday and holiday gifts.

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