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Experience a cobra show and Thai snake venom medicine

Thailand is home to a wide variety of venomous and harmless snake species, so it is both wise and interesting to visit a snake farm during your Thai holidays. We understand that some of you may be hesitant about the trip, but we assure you, you will return safe and sound – and probably healed by the snake venom medicine you buy.

First, you will be treated to a breathtaking snake show. Snake handlers will demonstrate their skills, performing stunts with poisonous snakes, to finally kiss a king cobra on its head! Second, snake charmers will extract snakes' venom during the show. Finally, you will be welcomed to handle a python, a royal cobra or a Siamese cobra, or to pose with an anaconda for a happy holiday photo. Do not fear to accept the offer, as all snake handlers will be holding your new friend extra tight.

Speaking of snakes, here in Thailand people have their own private recipe of staying healthy, wealthy and wise. Kiss a snake – and you will be on your way to earthly Nirvana. However, if you would be satisfied with just a little extra luck, just pat a snake, and leave the hugs and kisses to others.

You may be interested to know that traditional Thai medicine has been employing snake venom and snake body parts for healing purposes for centuries. The Phuket snake farm is no exception – it produces and sells medicine based on venom extracts. At the snake farm retail store you will find potions and infusions made of venom and snake organs. Try anaconda or cobra gall-bladder extract – one of the natural immune boosters, prepared in accordance with the ancient recipe as an essential revitaliser for your organs. Your strengthened immune shield will protect you from chronic diseases, muscle pains, skin problems and any other ailments afflicting you. Who knows – you may even like the taste!

Eco-healing: Phuket snake farm special offers

Looking for exotic eco-buys? Too easy a task for a visitor of the Phuket snake farm! Go for some Thai herbal teas with energising and relaxing aromas or a revitalising six-year old red ginseng root extract, which lowers your blood sugar levels and increases vitamin absorption.

Here at the snake farm, you will also find the most exotic skin care products in the world. Try our anti-ageing make-up series, a fine pearl powder and a powerful moisturiser and stress-reliever, which will give your skin an incredible porcelain finish.

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Hi do you do free return transfers from Kata or MaiKhao/Nai Yang? To this snake farm Dailey? Where is this farm located in Phuket?
, 20.09.2014


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