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Thai pharma magic or alternative medicine?

This time you do not have to choose between classical and alternative medicine, as any Thai pharmacy is guaranteed to have plenty of all sorts of medications. Unlike a traditional drugstore, a Thai pharmacy opens its doors for all – the sick and the healthy – offering a wide range of remedies and natural health boosters. Without a doubt, any Thai pharmacy is a certified medical institution with highly qualified staff; pharmaceutical education is a must-have for every local planning a career in pharmacy.

It is no surprise that Thailand is famous for its medicine and pharmacies. Drug stores, just as local attractions, temples, manufacturing plants and souvenir shops, are part of any Thailand touring must-see list. If you visited Egypt, you were probably offered a tour to a papyrus or a flax factory. Here, in Thailand, you will be advised to visit a pharmacy.

Any Thai pharmacy will offer you officially certified medications and traditional folk remedies (the latter being preferred by most locals). The majority of Thai physicians favour 100% natural drugs and tend to prescribe them to their patients.


What's popular?

We have to admit that shopping in a Thai pharmacy gets extremely tough at times. Each remedy has its own unique name, and some drug package leaflets can be truly puzzling. So you may find yourself wondering, what is 'anti-vodka' or any other curious label. If you are lost in translation, do not hesitate to ask for help and explanation.

Here is a brief classification of most popular traditional Thai remedies:

- vegetable fat-based liniments;

- camphor balms;

- honey extract gels, among them 'Aloe vera' being the most popular;

- alcoholic tinctures, 'Black scorpion' (Thai VIAGRA®) among them;

- dry herbal and fruit mixes for teas and tinctures.

'Drink me'?

As you walk into any traditional Phuket pharmacy, you will see thousands of medicines with indecipherable names. We do not doubt the fact that Thai medicine works wonders, but it is very important to be clear and specific when discussing your needs with the pharmacy staff, so they recommend the most suitable drugs. If your back is the source of your suffering, try massage oils with antirheumatic effect. Tiger balm provides immediate relief for your ailing limbs, as it contains camphor and aromatic oils that stimulate blood circulation. Tiger balm is also great for colds. If you are highly allergic, try aloe-based gel. To provide a natural boost to your immune system, enjoy Thai teas daily. Traditional local teas will remind you of herbal brews. They are absolutely natural, allergy-free and have great stimulating and revitalising effects.

You have probably heard of weight-reducing and immune system-boosting Thai pills, which enjoy great popularity nowadays. When it comes to weight loss, millions of people invest their hopes in traditional Thai medicine. When in Thailand, take your chance to buy authentic Thai remedies – local pharmacies do not sell fake drugs. Nevertheless, while shopping for traditional Thai medicines, do not hesitate to ask for quality certificates.

Be aware that if weight-loss is your goal, you must take several weight improvement medicines at a time. Firstly, Thai doctors recommend drinking special detox teas, which stimulate sweat production, initiate waste removal, and successfully fight colds, stress and chronic diseases. Secondly, you should apply skin-lifting slimming gels that help reduce cellulite. Thirdly, you may use natural immune system boosters that reduce weight and burn fat.

Phuket pharmacies also offer a number of quit-smoking products, including special teas. If you continue drinking this sort of tea for at least six days, you will be free from cravings.

Let us once again remind you that all traditional Thai remedies have 100% natural ingredients.

If you follow our tips you can feel free to choose whatever your heart – or any other organ – desires at any Phuket pharmacy.

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