Two-day Krabi Tour

Two-days, one-night, tour by minibus. Departure time (from hotel) from 6:30 am til 8:00 am.
4,700 THB
  • Licensed Tour Company
    We are holding TAT license from government of Thailand. This means your safety is our top priority.
  • Free Transportation
    Available from hotels located on the main beaches of Kata Noi, Kata, Karon, Patong, Kalim, Kamala, Bang Tao. Other locations may be subject for extra charge for transportation.
  • Free Cancellation
    You can cancel your reservation free of charge until 24 hours before it starts. After that time no changes, no cancellations or refunds will be made.
Payment Terms: 

Is a deposit needed?

You need to pay a 50% deposit for a two-day tour.

How do I pay for the tour?

Baht is the best option; US dollars and euros are also accepted, but an exchange rate will apply.

What to take on tour: 
  • Beach towel, swimsuit and a change of clothes (for a two-day trip)
  • Comfy footwear
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Some extra cash for personal expenses
Tour program: 

Day 1:

09:00 – Departure from the Phuket hotel;

11:00 - 11:30 – A visit to the temple of the reclining Buddha;

13:00 – Arrival in Krabi Town, check-in at the hotel;

13:30 – Departure for Huay Toh Waterfall;

17:00 - 17:30 – Arrival at the hotel;

18:00 – Dinner, free time.

Day 2:

09:00 – Breakfast;

10:00 - 11:30 – A boat tour down the Krabi River, with mangrove jungle and a fish farm on your way;

12:00 – A visit to Tiger Cave Temple;

14:00 – Relaxing in radon therapeutic waters;

15:00 – A stop by Emerald Pool;

16:30 – Departure from Krabi;

19:00 – Arrival in Phuket.

2 days/1 night 'Mysterious Krabi' tour information:

The Krabi Province is a great tourist destination in Thailand where you can learn a lot and have loads of fun during your tour. The Krabi Islands will enchant you by their prehistoric rainforests, crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea, towering rocks, ancient Buddhist temples (including the famous White Temple), wildlife parks and scenic landscapes, with elephants and monkeys as their integral part. Your tour of the Krabi Province will include two eventful days on the continent and a boat tour to the spectacular Krabi Islands. Lifetime experience guaranteed!

Day 1

The tour bus will pick you up at your hotel in the morning, and you will make your way to the jungle. You will soon stop by the elephant village to go for a ride and to buy hand-made palm-leaves ornaments. You will have a lot of fun listening to elephant handlers singing songs in a variety of languages and sometimes in all of them at once. Your next stop is Wat Tham Suwan Kuha – the Buddhist Temple in a large cave. It is commonly known as the Monkey Temple for a large colony of wild macaques that inhabited this sacred place centuries ago.

Next, you will taste the best of Thai cuisine during an open-air buffet lunch in a splendid arbour on the shore of a small lake. You will then pay a visit to one of the renowned temples in Southern Thailand – the Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Suea in Thai. Our professional guides will accompany you during your walk through the temple complex and teach you about Thai religious beliefs, Buddhist rituals, legends and myths that originated on the brink of Chinese, Indian and Thai civilizations. You may get amulets and blessings from temple monks or find out your destiny during Chinese fortune-telling rituals. You may also stop for a short meditation at the largest meditation centre in the neighbourhood. It is located in the picturesque park with giant trees, some of them are more than a thousand years old. You will see a multitude of monks' cells, secluded caves with golden Buddha sculptures and the ancient forest. The trip to the Tiger Cave Temple will be both educational and entertaining.

Now we will head to hot mineral springs. Relax in open air baths among exotic palm trees, lying in hot mineral water (temperatures vary between 32-45 C) and listening to cicadas singing their serene tunes.

After a peaceful break we will start for Krabi Town. We will walk to the waterfront to take pictures of the famous bronze sculpture of a black crab family that has delighted tourists and local residents for many years. Next, we will visit another great tourist destination – the White Temple or Wat Kaew in Thai. The place is well-known for its unique architectural design and colourful ornaments, you will hardly find anything like it in Southern Thailand. It is a one-of-a-kind temple presented by Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand for Mother's Day. The temple is relatively small; nevertheless, it remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists and pilgrims.

Next, you will leave Krabi Town for a hotel in Ao Nang, a tiny town by the sea. Single and double rooms, clean and comfortable, are ready and waiting. After you check-in, you will savour a delicious Thai dinner and take a stroll along the coast or through Ao Nang streets before you go to bed.

Day 2

The second day of your tour will start from the speedboat trip to Koh Poda. Enjoy great views and great adventures in the Andaman Sea, discover a variety of colours in the underwater wonderland.

You will make your first stop at Koh Poda, one of the most spectacular spots and the best known landmarks in the Krabi Province. It is one of many limestone rocky islands that line up along the southern seacoast of Thailand. Koh Poda is a paradise for tourists looking for amazing beaches, great snorkeling experience and fascinating rocks, that tower two hundred metres above crystal clear water.  

If you take a closer look around Koh Poda, you will be pleasantly surprised to find many picturesque places in its neighbourhood. You will take a trip to Koh Tab and Koh Kai (otherwise known as 'Chicken Island'), renowned for its rock that resembles a chicken or turkey head. Koh Kai boasts fantastic coral reefs, exotic fish and crystal waters that are perfect for snorkeling. Koh Tab, in its turn, has a curious dumbbell shape that makes it look like two separate islands, when the tide is high. It is famous for Talay Waek, a long sandy path that you can spot, when the tide falls. Talay Waek connects two parts of the island and winds up as far as Koh Kai. This place is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Krabi.

It is time to head for Railay Peninsula, a picturesque spot that is isolated from the continent by towering rocks, so you can only reach it by sea. Take a stroll among the giant cliffs and pay a visit to one of the most popular landmarks of the peninsula – the cave temple, dedicated to Princess Phra Nang. You will learn mysterious legends about the cave, then enjoy your stay on the beach under the hot rays of the Thai sun and eat a delicious lunch at the restaurant by the sea. Dive into warm crystal waters of the Andaman Sea, relax on the white sandy beach, take pictures of the mighty cliffs and scenic palm tree groves. Railay Peninsula is an ideal place to relax and bond with nature in Thailand.

Now we leave Railay Peninsula for Ao Nang, where our voyage finishes. When you arrive at the port, a comfortable bus will take you back to your hotel in Phuket. You will have enough time to watch a film on your way. At about 5:00 pm you will arrive at your hotel.

Why choose 'Mysterious Krabi', 2 days/1 night tour?

- This is a unique tourist route. If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, you will totally love it.

- This is the first Phuket tour that combines advantages of boat trips and mainland tours.

- Our expert guides will teach you about cultural heritage, rituals and everyday life in Thailand. If you are eager to learn more about the country in general and the provinces you visit in particular, this tour will be priceless!

- We work with professionals, who guarantee top-quality service to our customers on this route.

- Every step you take is supervised by professionals who do their best to make this tour comfortable and memorable.

- Discovering the unknown is always an unforgettable experience, so take your chance and join us for a breathtaking two-day adventure.

This tour is available for groups only.

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