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A day of healing relaxation

A day spa visit is a vital tourist activity in Thailand, just as essential as going for a swim or taking a walk on the beach. Though even the best spa may be unable to take 10 years of our faces, they can make us feel younger. Thai spa procedures have magical stress relieving, energizing and revitalizing effects.

Traditional Thai massage dates back more than 2,500 years. It focuses on physical and energetic aspects of body healing therapies, and aims to release body energy flow in 'sen' energy meridians that run through all our organs.

Thai massage is an all-encompassing healing system of massage and body stretching techniques, rooted in traditional Chinese and Hindu medicine, particularly in yoga and Ayurveda practices. No one is prepared for this procedure, as it is a deep full-body massage that stimulates blood and lymph flow in your body, so by the end of the ritual you may feel a little beaten up for a while. Give your body some time to get its balance, then you will feel energised and relaxed like never before.

Try light or intensive variations of oil massage, a relaxing combination of classical Thai massage and aromatherapy massage. Before the procedure you will be asked to choose your favourite aroma among the many in stock. Natural aromatic oil softly triggers an endorphin rush, which makes the massage even more relaxing, while natural oil gently renews your skin. The procedure usually lasts about one hour, and we assure you, your body will be craving for more by the end.

Most day spas in Phuket offer packages of one-and-a-half, two or three hour long bliss sessions, combing procedures to suit your personal needs. A package saves you a pretty penny/baht when compared to ordering procedures individually. You may also opt for the Swedish or sports massage and various facials.

Choose what’s best for you

In accordance with price range and service quality, day spas in Phuket are usually grouped into three main categories:

1. Luxury day spas that offer the best atmosphere, interior and service. Their competent therapists provide high-quality procedures and use professional equipment and products. If you stay at one of the five-star hotels in Phuket, you are most certain to have a luxury day spa close at hand. Phuket also has several top-quality day spas that offer great services. It is interesting to note that luxury spas are relatively small in size, so do not be surprised if you are the only visitor at one time. It is best to book your time in advance, and to ask for any special offers, sales or gifts during your visit. A round trip transfer to the spa and back to your hotel is a pleasant bonus included in our tours.

2. Value-for-money day spas offer a great price/performance ratio, though they might offer fewer services and a less flashy interior décor. Make sure you book your procedures well in advance, especially during high season, as these affordable day spas may be quite busy.

3. Going cheap? If so, you will find a great variety of 'Thai massage' signboards in any popular tourist area. Enjoy attractive prices (200-300 Baht per hour) and a less attractive interior, or get a massage on the beach at the same expense.

We recommend you visit Sukko Cultural Spa & Wellness, a renowned spa with a well-earned reputation and a great number of excellence awards ('Best Phuket Spa-2008' among them). This day spa is a tourist magnet for those who invest their hopes in traditional Thai medicine.

We also recommend these respectable day spas:

  • Tew Son Spa – one of the most prominent luxury day spas in Phuket,
  • Spa Varee – offering great massage and effective skin-reviving procedures that heal your skin after a suntan overdose,
  • Tarn Tara Spa – the very first spa in Phuket and perhaps the most picturesque spot on the island, offering amazing lake views and fascinating surroundings.

Thai therapists can be seen practicing their traditional massage techniques all over the world, but here in Thailand the traditional massage therapies, nurtured in a great climate and tropical environment, and administered with the highest skill in a lovely atmosphere, do hit the spot best.

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